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  1. Is our chocolate vegan? The short answer is no. Although there is no dairy in our chocolate at all, the honey is made by bees and so strictly speaking, is an animal product. For this reason, some hardcore vegans might stay away from it, however, most of the vegans we know are ok with honey but we have to warn all the same.


  1. Is there milk in the chocolate? We do not put dairy ingredients in our chocolate, all our products are 75% cacao solids and 25% honey. However, the chocolate is prepared in a kitchen that handles dairy, also, some of the ingredients come from facilities that handle dairy. This is especially true for the honey. Since all of our suppliers are small independent beekeepers (some have beehives in their back gardens), they don’t usually handle honey in dedicated premises. All of this means that small traces of milk in our chocolate maybe possible. We do not recommend our chocolate to people with an acute allergic reaction to dairy.


  1. Is it diabetic friendly? Honey is not officially recognised as a diabetic friendly product and we cannot legally give any assurance it will be safe for diabetics. This may be due to the fact that the honey available in supermarkets in a lot of cases has refined sugar added to it and is likely to cause a blood sugar spike. We on the other hand only use pure local honey with no additives, which can typically be found in farmers markets. This type of honey is easier on insulin regulation. Perhaps that’s why we have lots of diabetic customers who report to us that their glucose levels before and after eating our chocolate remain stable. However, these are their own personal observations and do not give us medical grounds to recommend our chocolate to diabetics.


  1. Is it coeliac friendly? We do not use ingredients containing gluten in our chocolate. However, some of the nuts and dried fruit come from facilities which also handle gluten products. A small contamination is unfortunately possible. Our kitchen is not gluten free certified either. For these reasons, we do not recommend our chocolate to coeliac sufferers.


  1. Do we make milk chocolate? No, our range is purely dark.


  1. Do we sell outside UK? No, we don’t. There are multiple reasons for this, including the risk of chocolate melting in the post, risk of it being detained at the border waiting for customs fees (real possibility after Brexit) and enormous postage costs. We apologise for this to all the international visitors to our site.


  1. Will the package go through the letterbox? If you order up to three 100g bars or up to six 50g bars, yes it will. Any larger amount will require a bigger box, so will have to be delivered hand to hand by your postman.