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About Us

      Hello, we are Andy and Anna Taylor and we passionately believe that a healthy treat should be tastier than a traditional sugary type.  Why use white, brown or coconut sugar, when there is naturally sweet delicious local honey, rich in antioxidants, minerals and enzymes?

   We get our honey only from independent British beekeepers who look after their bees with the respect and care they deserve. We keep our cooking cycles below 38◦C to preserve the honey’s raw state and not to destroy its healing properties.

   The raw unroasted cacao that goes into our chocolate is just as rich in goodness as raw honey. So, we have a team of two superfoods, creating a perfect guilt free treat.

     We never put any "nasties" in like sweeteners, emulsifiers, preservatives, trans fats, bad oils etc. You name it, we don't put it in! A great choice for paleo and clean eating followers or for anybody wanting to eliminate processed foods from their diet.

   Thank you for reading about us and we hope you enjoy our chocolate!