Current processing time 5- 7 days!


• We don’t add any white, brown or coconut sugar, only what is naturally present in the honey!

• The honey we use is genuinely raw, never heated and bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes.

• We get our honey only from small independent British beekeepers who look after their bees in a sustainable and ethical way.

• We never heat our ingredients to more than 38◦C, so as not to destroy its goodness.

• Our chocolate is that rare occasion when the healthy alternative is
far more delicious and aromatic than the traditional sugary type.

• We use UNROASTED organic cacao, rarely used in regular chocolate
and its list of health benefits is just as long as that of honey. So we
have a team of two “superfoods” here creating a guilt free treat!

• We don’t put any nasties in. No sweeteners, no emulsifiers, no
soya, no preservatives, no glucose/fructose syrup, no sulphites and no
other tricks of the food industry. YOU NAME IT, WE DON’T PUT IT IN!