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Bars made with your honey

We can make chocolate with your honey! Whether you are a small private beekeeper wanting to impress friends and family with a unique honey chocolate gift, or an established business expanding the range of your products, we can produce a custom-made chocolate batch just for you.


How does it work?


We make our chocolate in batches of 30 bars (each 100g). One batch requires 1 kg of your unpasteurised unheated set honey. We can’t use the clear runny honey (the type usually sold in supermarkets) because it’s been heated before and won’t crystallise. You can send us your honey in an airtight container, which can be returned later with your order.

We can amend the packaging with your information (the name of your apiary or its  geographic location, perhaps your website etc, anything you deem relevant and appealing). Some elements of the packaging have to stay for legal reasons like name of the product, ingredients, nutrition info, percentage of cacao solids, producers details and allergy advice (please bear in mind that our chocolate is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 12 months old).

Alternatively, if you would like to use your own packaging, we can send your bars unpackaged (coming in a clear film bag which is a compostable wood pulp).

The minimum amount we can work with is 1kg of honey which produces 30 bars (minimum size order). You can order any combination of flavours within the 30.


We will need a payment in advance by BACS and it then usually takes us 3-5 working days (10-21 days in November and December) to prepare your order after receiving your honey. Prices vary according to the size of your order and shipment details and will be agreed with you via email (address details below).

Please contact us at if you are interested.