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Chocolate paleo friendly made with UK honey, no added sugar
Chocolate paleo friendly made with UK honey, no sugar added
Paleo Chocolate bar, made with honey only, no added sugar
Sugar free chocolate sweetened with local raw honey, made with organic cacao, dark, raw, healthy and natural ingredients

Chocolate made with UK honey, paleo, clean, dark, raw, topped with hazelnuts, 100g

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   A great choice for people on paleo and clean eating diets, or for those wanting to reduce the amount of processed sugary foods in their diets. This bar is made without any white, brown or coconut sugar, no stevia or other sweeteners. Even the hazelnuts in our chocolate are only gently roasted in a dash of high grade maple syrup.

   Every batch of chocolate is made with a honey that comes from a single independent Devon beekeeper. We never blend honeys from different apiaries, so each batch has a unique aroma and flavour. We also take particular care not to heat the honey above 38◦C while preparing our chocolate. This way all the goodness it is known for is preserved.

   We never put any nasties in like trans fats, oils, preservatives, soya or any other emulsifiers. Just a few wholesome, honest ingredients as nature intended.

   Even the organic cacao that we use is unroasted and unprocessed. Traditional cocoa (spelled with 2  “o”s) is usually heated at high temperature (a process called Dutch roasting). This destroys most of its vitamins and antioxidants. We only use cacao (spelled with 2 “a”s), which is an unroasted, less processed product of cacao beans.

Hope you enjoy our healthy and delicious chocolate!

 Just 5 tasty and honest Ingredients:

  • Pure raw Devon honey
  • Organic cacao butter*
  • Organic raw cacao powder*
  • Hazelnuts roasted in a dash of maple syrup

*Certified organic by the Organic Food Federation, GB-ORG-04

Minimum cacao (cocoa) solids 75%

 Allergy advice: For allergens, see underlined ingredients. May contain traces of peanuts, nuts, gluten, sesame, sulphites, milk and eggs, due to some ingredients coming from facilities which also handle these allergens.

Warning! Contains unpasteurised honey, not suitable for children under 12 months, pregnant and breastfeeding women!


Nutrition information per 100g:

 Energy                                 571Kcal/2462kJ

 Fat                                                         45g

 Of which Saturates                             20g

 Carbohydrate                                      29g

 Of which Sugars                                  19g

 Protein                                                   9g
 Fibre                                                       7g
 Salt                                                          0g