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Honey Chocolate Sugar free loose bars
Chocolate Sugar free made with honey Value Pack zero plastic packaging
Chocolate bars unpackaged different flavours, sugar free, made with UK honey

Chocolate bars unpackaged, better value, 50g-800g

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The same high quality chocolate without the fancy packaging. These bars are sold by weight, giving you better value for money and creating less waste.

Any combination of flavours available, just let us know what you would like in the note box before checking out.

 Just a few tasty and honest Ingredients:

  • Pure raw Devon honey
  • Organic cacao butter*
  • Organic raw cacao powder*
  •  100% dried fruit (no oils, no preservatives, no sugar): mangoes, cranberries,   bananas, raisins
  •  Hazelnuts roasted in a dash of maple syrup
  •  Almonds roasted in a dash of maple syrup
  •  Walnuts
  •  Pistachios

*Certified organic by the Organic Food Federation, GB-ORG-04
Minimum cacao/cocoa solids 75%

Allergy advice: For allergens, see underlined ingredients. May contain traces of peanuts, nuts, gluten, sesame, sulphites, milk and eggs, due to some ingredients coming from facilities which also handle these allergens.

Warning! Contains unpasteurised honey, not suitable for children under 12 months, pregnant and breastfeeding women!



    No white, brown or coconut sugars added, only natural ingredients. Perfect for honey-lovers or anyone on clean eating or paleo diet.

    With a smooth creamy texture and an intensely chocolatey aroma, our bars are not only delicious but also bursting with goodness. A rare occasion when the healthy alternative is far more tasty and flavoursome than the traditional sugary type.

    Our honey is genuinely raw, never heated to more than 38◦C degrees or processed in any way. We incorporate honey into chocolate mass at a very low temperature, so as not to destroy its antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and friendly bacteria, preserving all the healing properties that natural honey is known for.

    We don't add any “junk” processed ingredients: no emulsifiers, no soya products, no glucose/fructose syrups, no hydrogenated fats, no preservatives (even the dried fruit we use is free from sulphites and oils), no stevia, no artificial sweeteners or any other “tricks” of the food industry. You name it, we don't put it in!

    We are UK based and our handcrafted chocolate is proudly and lovingly made in-house, so our prices reflect only the highest quality fresh ingredients and not production line and import costs.

      We use unroasted raw Peruvian Criollo cacao solids famous for their gentle taste and use in luxurious chocolate! Please note the difference in spelling, COCOA is what becomes of CACAO once it has been roasted continuously on a high temperature (a process called Dutch roasting). Unfortunately, high temperatures destroy most of the vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants it contains. We only use CACAO (a raw unprocessed version of cacao beans) and keep our heating cycles below 38◦C degrees, keeping it as raw as possible and giving our customers the full scope of health benefits associated with dark chocolate.

     Nutrition information per 100g:

    Please note that the information in the table below is approximate and will depend on the flavours you pick for your pack. For more accurate values please refer to descriptions of individual bars.

     Energy                                 556Kcal/2326kJ

     Fat                                                         44g

     Of which Saturates                             25g

     Carbohydrate                                      32g

     Of which Sugars                                  20g

     Protein                                                   9g
     Fibre                                                       6g
     Salt                                                          0g